Friday, January 18, 2013

CTSP Erlin Campus Overseas Promotion Program

謹此致歉,也感謝各位的關心及諒解,敬祝, 安康
 弟 劉國強

附上駐澳州代表處來函,邀請諸位參加由臺灣中部科學園區招商代表團到達墨爾本舉行兩場招商座談會(英文,華語各一場)敬請查閲並歡迎報名參加,有關報名細節,請與小弟聯絡:墨爾本臺灣商會 劉國強 ph03 98998828 Mob0412422677 註:有關地點報名時再通知,並免費參加。

Objective :

1. to initiate the contact and to recruit high-tech enterprises/companies investing in this new science park if possible. If a company is considering expanding its business in Asia, CTSP can be an idea site for its engineering development and fabrication.

2. to enhance the overall capacity of industrial technology innovation and R/D synergy in central Taiwan.

3. To visit key labs and university licensing office for emerging technologies and tofind eagerly collaborative partner aiming at future commercialisation.

Potential enterprises/companies :

1. high-tech flagship enterprises with leading technologies in the category of precision machinery industry, robot(such as in artificial ear & eye) and electric car + green energy and biotechnology as well if any.

2. with high RD contents and having intention/interest to establish their base in Taiwan.

Proposed Schedule:

29-30/01/2013 in Melbourne

Opening time slots: 29/1 at night (in chinese) and 30/1 in the morning (in English)

Way to proceed : round table discussion.

Team members:Prof Hong-Tsu Young and Mr. I-Yen Chen + 1-2 persons from Taiwan ( 3 from Canberra)

They will introduce the detailed backgrounds of Erlin Campus and the related incentives for foreign investors/manufacturers who are interested in using the Campus as their base in the region. They will make a presentation. They also got field experts to assess the possibility of commercialization, and will bridge appropriate VCs in Taiwan if necessary.

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今晨接獲駐澳臺北經濟文化代表處從堪培拉緊急通知有關中部科學園區參訪團因故來澳招商參訪活動延期至春節後(日期未定),因此2013年1月29日晚及1月30日早上的招商活動臨時取消,若有參訪團最新消息另行通知,不便之処,謹此致歉,也感謝各位的關心及諒解,敬祝, 安康
弟 劉國強