Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2015 Melbourne Chinese Moon Festival

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Saturday, 26 September 2015
10am – 5pm
Market St. and Main St., Box Hill

Organised by the Melbourne Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, the 25th Melbourne Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, presented by Viplus, is an annual multicultural celebration for all ages and is one of the most highly anticipated events in Melbourne

The Festival showcases Asian culture, traditions and cuisines, as well as encouraging communities from all across Melbourne to join us in celebrating the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, traditionally a time for family and friends to gather and admire the mid-autumn harvest moon. It is also promotes community harmony, strengthening the understanding of Asian - Australian culture.

With 60 marquees, the event will include various international cuisines, arts and crafts, lantern decorating, as well as a full entertainment program – including the Opening Ceremony, lion dancing, live performances, games and  competitions. Viplus Dairy will also be giving out free samples on the day, so make sure to check out their marquee!

The event is proudly supported by the Whitehorse City Council, the Victorian Multicultural Commission, Viplus Dairy, Bupa, Cenrtral Equity, Lycamobile, Box Hill Central, Box Hill Police and TVBA. 

For any event-related information or queries, please contact: moonfestival@mtcc.com.au or (03) 9898 3918.

TRANSPORT / ACCESS:  We encourage patrons to utilise public transport on the day as trains, buses and trams are available near the event precinct.  Please use this Journey Planner to plan your trip.

PARKING: Off-street parking and car parks are also readily available around the event site. Fees/meters may apply.


 由墨爾本台灣商會所舉辦「2015年中秋美食園遊會」將於2015926(星期六)早上10:00起在墨爾本博士山(Box Hill)商業中心的露天廣場隆重舉行。今年為慶祝第二十五屆的盛會,該會於數月前就成立籌備會,除延續往年的精采活動外,也特別安排名稱不同的節目讓參加活動的來賓能度過一個「家好月圓」的慶典:



本活動特別榮幸及感謝獲得擁有120年澳洲營養乳品專家 Viplus 維愛加公司2015年墨爾本中秋美食園遊會冠名贊助商,在此也特別感謝以下贊助單位:City of Whitehorse, Victorian Multicultural Commission, Viplus Dairy, 中華民國僑務委員會, 駐墨爾本臺北經濟文化辦事處 ,Bupa, Central Equity, Lycamobile, Box Hill Central, 雪梨臺灣貿易中心,TVBA 電視臺等單位。

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